Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chapter Sixty-Six: Hell = Real, Neo

He's not scary.

He stopped being scary a long time ago, when I realized for myself what he is.

His servants aren't scary.

Janus stopped being scary the first time I heard him speak.

Maze - well, Maze was always a little scary.

Boggart wasn't around long enough to be scary.

Morningstar was never scary. Just sadistic.

Alder is too incompetent to be scary. Usually.

The list goes on and on. Not even the rain scares me anymore, really. Nothing is scary anymore.

So why am I so scared?


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J(x)hn The Dreamer said...

Scared of the unknown. That's why.

Janus said...

Surely I'm at least a little threatening.

Joce said...

Why am I not surprised...

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