Saturday, April 9, 2011

No More Reasons

To keep it as it was - we no longer need to use his own account, do we? We should, it'd be easier. No, this is much better!

We can simply invite ourselves.

Well, I'd like to share with you something the boy has made.

Very pretty, don't you think? The ugliest thing I've ever seen.

Oh, dear, Frap,'re in a location that can only be escaped via our permission...or death. Not that you'd actually escape if you died - but do you really want to spend the rest of your likely truncated life eating granola? There should be a veritable mountain of the stuff nearby somewhere.

Yes, Sharpie is dead. The place...I'm not entirely sure what to call it, really, Maze designed it. (She couldn't have done it without me.) Yes she could. In fact, she did. Shut up. It doesn't like animals very much. I'm surprised you did not die yourself.

Soon, soon. Soon, all the plans will come together...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Chapter Fifty-⊗ne: Berserk Pi M⊗⊗n

I know that Janus said two days, but we can't wait. We have such fun plans for the boy.

Frap, I can see you there! Don't think you'll be able to help! We're gonna get you out of here as soon as possible! No, we're not, it's fun having you around. You better not get comfortable!

Anyway, if you want to know what's happening to the bratwerp right now, here's a hint or two.

Additional Reading Material: 07/04/011

I guess I have been forgetting...

12:00 AM


7:00 AM
-Rush to get ready

8:00 AM
-More Shakespeare
-Finish FMA Volume 2, others are checked out

9:00 AM
-Exponential functions

10:00 AM

11:00 AM
-Break down monologue into beats
-Practice (I chose the merchant scene from Aladdin)
-Lunch (don't eat)

12:00 PM
-More practice

1:00 PM

2:00 PM

3:00 PM


9:00 PM

10:00 PM
-Wake up

11:00 PM

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter Fifty, Page Tw⊗

Trouble, little one? Angry at the fools?
I would be too, but they are only tools

Of a greater evil, that is to say
How does it feel to have less than two days?

Chapter Fifty: Hallway Teamster

Problem? Kids at school are dicks.

Suggested course of action? Kill them all.

Solution? Kill.

Kill the rage.

I feel like shit. It was them again, they were altering my emotions...

Kid at school: Why are you so ugly? And smell bad? And fat?
Me: I have a rare Japanese disease called Fukayu.

Another kid: I was GONNA slam the door in your face, but I thought that'd be mean.
Me: And deadly.
Kid: How would it be deadly?
Me: I'd kill you.
Kid: Oh. Ha. (SHIT!)

I just finished reading the book, Black Swan Green. There's this BEAUTIFUL character, Madame Crommelynck. She spews wisdom like, like, like a Squirtle spews Water Gun. Bad example. What spews? She also INSPIRES wisdom in the narrator/main character, Jason Taylor. I hope I'm not violating copyrights by quoting this...I just love it so much.

"The sequence of doors we passed made me think of all the rooms of my past and future. The hospital ward I was born in, classrooms, tents, churches, offices, hotels, museums, nursing homes, the room I'll die in. (Has it been built yet?)"

Has it been built yet? The room I'll die in, well, I don't know.

Or this, said by a Gypsy:
"'Know what fire is?' Knife Grinder's cough's a dying man's cough. 'Fire's the sun, unwindin' itself out o' the wood.'"

Or this, after Jason returned a wallet with several hundred pounds in it to his worst enemy:
"Wilcox got to thirty. He took a deep breath, then remembered me, witnessing his utter relief. 'So now I'm s'posed to kiss yer arse, am I?' His face snarled up. 'Tell yer how grateful I am?'
As usual, I didn't know how to reply to him.
Poor kid."

I loves it.

I auditioned for the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater yesterday, but I doubt I got any part. There were only seven, anyway. I could be a waiter, I guess.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chapter Forty-Nine: Sedated Peerage

I could fucking kill them. I could rip their heads off their shoulders. I could break their bones with two fingers. I could paralyze them for life. They have no damn right to be as fucking moronic as they are. I want to see their heads on pikes. I want to see them begging at my feet for mercy. I want to see their guts strung out on the trees. Those damned morons, those fuckers, I can't take it anymore. They tease me for my hair, for my face, for my height, for my weight, for my clothes, and all it would take is for me to let go, to stop holding back, they'd be snapped like a twig. Even my parents, they control me, they insult me, they won't STOP, I could, I could, I could, I could, but I won't, I need them...but the others...I could tug their limbs off and feast on their tiny little brains for breakfast, I always hold back. I can't control my own strength unless I don't use it, I don't like fighting I don't think it's a good solution but it is often the best solution. The teachers who think they know so much more than me, the teachers who think you know me so well, who think you can tell me what to do and how to do it and why I do it and everyone who tells me what I think and what I say and why I do things and what I'm feeling and what I know I could rip your dirty little head off your disgusting little shoulders and feed it to the wolves, I could pluck out your toes and put them in with the pig slop, I could shove a damn lit match up your damn ass. I try to hide it, I act like I'm not mad, I act like I'm not scared, I act like I'm not insulted, I hide the tears I pass them off as allergies and nobody disbelieves me because I wear glasses I try not to break the desk from its legs and deck them with it, I try I try I try but they don't understand and I just want to beat it into them into them into them into them don't don't I don't WANT them to please don't, I want to kill them I want them to die or leave or beat some sense into them or something and there's only one way I can do it without fear of consequence and I broke the vase and smashed the glass and throttled a damn water bottle. I could destroy everything in this house, sometimes, I could just destroy it all and watch it burn, sometimes I just want to set the moon on fire just to watch it burn, I just want to destroy it all. The kids at school they don't get it they threaten death they try to act so tough they don't understand what comes with it they don't understand how naturally difficult it would be to kill another living being to take their life but I couldn't do it either but I want to so bad I just want them out of it I want someone to provoke me enough that it's justified I want to be able to smash them up across the wall and show them how fucking hard it is to be me I could humiliate them I could break them until they stopped bending they don't deserve it they deserve nothing less I want to fucking smash them into next week I don't want them around anymore stop stop DON'T FUCKING TRY AND BREAK ME IT'S GONNA FAIL it's not gonna work you can't break me I know who I am and I have my morals and you're not going to FUCKING take those from me I'm so FUCKING angry right now but I know who I am and what I am and why I am and maybe I know who I can take it out on NO, I don't care about PROXIES or SLENDY or ANY of that shit right now it's the fuckers that deserve my wrath it's them that needs to be taught a lesson they go to SCHOOl tto bet utaught but the tteachersr dont know shit they cant teach themw hat they need to be ewtaught i need to fucking fuckigngngngngngnnangfg..,mh\

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chapter Forty-Eight: If Fir, Airfare Is For Sean, Ma

The fairies the fairies the fairies am I imagining them? They're so real, they're real, just like the rain, the rain.

That's horrible grammar. I get that way when thinking about this stuff.

The rain was real. It was as real as it could be without being real to anyone else. It was so real, so real, it gave me burns and burns and burns and burns and I couldn't breathe...the burns were real, real, the choking was real, it was all real, the only thing nobody else could feel was the rain...

The burns, they went away at around noon yesterday, but they were there. Everyone saw them. They were acid. Like little splashes of burns, like they had been created from a splash of a drop of water...the water, the water, I was choking all day, I could hardly breathe, they almost took me to the hospital...

The fairies the fairies they help. They're very silly. They mostly look like you'd expect them to, but only a few have wings and some of them have more or less arms and some of them are wearing different styles and eras of clothing and some of them are hairy and some of them are monstrous and some of them are cutesy. The ones that don't have wings usually ride on birds, except Arnold who rides a bat. The ones that do are mostly have butterfly wings but some of them have feathery wings and some of them have bat wings and some of them can sort of glide and one or two of the younger ones, the children, they can just fly and float and hover without any wings or anything.

They help me find things sometimes. They don't clean like Toot-Toot's crew, but the house is always spotless anyway, thanks to me-with-allergies and every other-week-housekeeping-service.

I've I've I've, metal cylinder. I've been puking a dys of a lot.

They have really really long names, like, supercalifragilisticexpialadocious times ten, but I've got a sort of familial nickname and familiar nickname, as in, familial that they use amongst themselves (especially their families) and familiar that they (I assume) happily let me use, since I'm only human and no good at remembering the really big ones. Here's...what do I call them? They're not the most important, but...they're the least shy, I guess. Most of the others don't come much closer than dancing in light patterns in the sky on clear nights.

Teryakenaragorthis - Terry. A bit of a chubby fellow. Huge sweet tooth. Very human. Butterfly wings.
Martchanayderon - Marty. Likes shiny things and swimming. Four arms & toga.
Farrunatapawoh - Farris. She's very shy. Creates nature-art. Humany.
Svakonakowako - Sherry. For a little person, she's a daredevil. Four arms and butterfly wings.
Aplonamadoran - Arnold. Strongest of the lot. Kind of looks like a goblin. Hairy. Loincloth. Rides on bats.
Onadwaleighrach - Justo. Which came from "Just call me O. Just...O." Very dark and scary. Humany. Usually wears what appears to be leather.
Wodashintokago - Woden. (As a joke.) Hard to describe. Basically human, but with slightly off proportions and features and things. No wings, but best flier or rider on any animal.
Vudizerax - Ved. Apparently genderless. Shapeshifts. Leader of the lot. Also looks rather gobliny, but more in a sly, wiry way than muscly and hairy. Insectoid wings.

Most of them (including the ones not listed here!) prefer "fairies". Ved, Arnold, AND Woden prefer "faeries". They're the only ones. Nobody else does. The fly-without-wings kids, now that I think of it, doesn't like either of the options. Both of them (twins; a boy and a girl) say the "folk", as in, Fair Folk, or Little Folk, I suppose.

The cylinder the cylinder. I had a dream last night where it broke open in the middle and poured out blackness onto everything and I drowned in it and drowned and burned and burned and rraghart.h

OUCH! What was that for?...Sherry just hit me!

I made a godsdamn promise and I'm keeping it. Not doing my best, not trying, I'm keeping it, I'm not giving in to those twits. Twits? Twerps? Twizzlers? I shan't be broken.

Oh, MAN. The one thing you really would smile at is when they start typing on the computer. They jump all across the keyboard or lean over and press buttons or flutter around. It's great.

They've even got an Internet-capable phone. I might take it if I could (they're devious! and what if they start commenting? Oh, I just jinxed myself...) but they hide their valuables really well. They sneak in at night to charge it when everyone's sleeping.

What else? Fuck you, Maze. I know Janus is only your subordinate and not entirely mentally stable, and so I can't blame him for posting creepy rhymes on my blog, (good timing, by the way) but what kind of jackass are you to do this to me and him and everyone?


Chapter F⊗rty-Seven: A Backlash Beep

Even the Bard could not hear my song
But soon 'twill be time for you to sing along

Not a hard rhyme if you know where to look
Yet, think of this: How do you like your meat? Cooked?

For that is how your mind shall be
Can't guess what we're going to do, see?

It shall be in less time than before that you'll break
Only to become a servant of the Master, so he spake

Additional Reading Material: 04/04/011

Aggggh, my head hurts. Here we go.

12:00 AM
-Holy shit
-Massive headache
-Mark on face

1:00 AM

2:00 AM

3:00 AM
-Get up
-Post thingie

4:00 AM

5:00 AM

6:00 AM

7:00 AM
-Go to school
-Review for test on Wednesday

8:00 AM
-More review

9:00 AM
-Fingers moved so fast I set the place ablaze

10:00 AM

11:00 AM
-More gym
-Waiting outside
-Fake fire alarm

12:00 PM
-Waiting to go inside
-Lunch (don't eat anything...)
-Lots of water

1:00 PM
-Practice test

2:00 PM

3:00 PM

4:00 PM

5:00 PM
-HBO movies

6:00 PM

7:00 PM
-Eat more

8:00 PM
-Can't find metal cylinder
-Find metal cylinder
-Feel relieved
-Wonder why the fuck I felt relieved

9:00 PM


11:00 PM

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chapter F⊗rty-Six, Page Tw⊗

I hate to interrupt his majesty's midnight rantings
But I've heard you all like poems
And quite a few of you are good with riddles
So here's one for ya

The king indeed much more prefers me
Than ever he has done for the number three

In the hallowed halls of an institute, without a single ray
of sunshine, I'm the time you spend every week, in days

Half your last but with thy first
In due time, your mind will burst

Your favorite number, plus your least
THIS many digits were baked into the cannibal's half-feast

And lest these rhymes do prove too potent
Then the amount of voices inside your friend's head shall be your hint

Chapter Forty-Six: Talent Bowler

They TOOK my weekend.

I don't CARE that Janus tried to cut the connections to my prefrontal cortex with an improvised orbitoclast that consisted of a rusty dagger and a stick he found on the ground. I don't CARE that I got waterboarded by Maze. I don't CARE that I could have died or been seriously mentally altered. I don't CARE about any of the things that happened over the weekend. I don't CARE about any of that shit right now, because they fucking TOOK my WEEKEND.

Yes, Rebecca Black, Saturday was NOT tomorrow and Sunday did NOT come afterwards
, because at midnight on Friday I blacked out for the next forty-eight hours.

I could have had a NICE weekend. I could have seen Source Code and Hop and Rodrick Rules and every other godsdamn movie out there. I could have stuffed myself on cheesepuffs and cream soda. But no. They just HAD to do this on the weekend.

Look at this! Look at what he did to me with his rusty dagger and stick!

Look at it! It looks like nothing! That could even be a freckle...Shit. Now I've got to check if that's a freckle. It's not a freckle! I don't have any freckles on my face! I assure you, it's red and irritated and scabbed and now it's bleeding...It was a lot worse a while ago! A lot, lot worse. I have a massive headache, even if "Talent Bowler" is an anagram of "All Better Now", I have a massive massive massive headache. He did a HORRIBLE job of trying to lobotomize me or wipe my memories or whatever he was doing, all he managed was stabbing me in the nose.

Man, I really need to shave.


That kept me NOT dying or giving up...

Was the godsdamn fairies.

ARGH. I've got to go to sleep and get up and go to school. I WISH I could say, "Mom, Dad, I don't feel so well." "Why, son? What's wrong?" "Well, I was under the assumption that I was drowning all weekend and also I had a rusty dagger and a stick shoved into my face." "You're insane. Go to school."

It's not even a Labyrinth anymore! There's no element of suspense or surprise, there's just RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.

Rain...the godsdamn rain. The rain. The rain. Oh man. The rain.

They used the rain to distract me while they hurt me, the rain, the rain, it hurt so was like it was raining fire, acid, raining lava and antimatter and what have you, it hurt so much it was like nothing you've ever felt before...I was drowning, drowning, I was swimming in the ocean of rainwater and I was drowning and hurting and burning and...

Who's read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? All of the books? Remember the Total Perspective Vortex?

Oh my gods. The last hour...just a few hours ago...holy shit.

Three thirty-three, motherfucker! Take that! Screw you and your twos!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter Forty-Five: Bruin, Run Northward!

the rain the rain the rain the rain the rain
hrtss hns burrnts thwy gdoes ti hurt no dont hurt why ist it hort rain
everyy imttime i lgook outwsdithere is nothing but theairian
arairian rain
i rain hte rain the hot rain
no rain no more rain rain desnt stop raingni
i cant the rtain the rain
sso the rian and the rain the rain tis rainng why is it hraining
hurts it hurts it hurts why does it hurt rain doesnt hurt
only the rainthonyl reain wash away only rhe rain no washy
too chte rain tyoo mcuh rain rian
ic ant the rain the ariN
the rain the rian the rian
under a brifdge flvied a lived ar troll trol lives undr he bridge the bridge
rain rain bridge over water water rain
the rain the rain thre riant rhew trian thre rain
so mcuhh the water the water the the rain the rain hot erain
i cant it doesnt ggmnano dont walnt to talk no talk
talking is bad dont want to scare nobody needs to know
btu the rain makes mer ri odnt want to talk it willc scare thme
under a bridge a bridge the rtroll wthe warer the rivvevr the bridgge
rain rain terhrt is nothing but the raini
nothinh gbut the rain cnat escape the rain
so mthere si only the rain theina rain
dont stop only the rian stops never stops dontdrown no dronwing
raiiiinrnrrrian rin inarri
ooony the rain whnere is the ark wher eis nn oah where is the wahle
whale wher is the wale to carry mea awey jonah mbring your whale
no rain nor whale nora no noah noah needs my ark i mneed my ark
sea the sea carry mea wey only re rain name name my anme

the rain thrut no sdotp irt sdhurts hthe rian the rain etoanly the raint he rain knwoes my naem rthe wainr rain rhas afaces ther rain rain mwaeks me write inddiont want tos carrre ythme yuntnr erhte rain th i c ant hrtem thia rarin is lavughing amt em you wknt you aulguagign atlaguhgin mat em mnodrt laguhg why does tere rain aevha faces rhet are rtaowe faces two fafces and a hothrisd ftheres isa maks grhte thooodded adwwtheririan hood the rainc anfhas facesa esitn slsauhging at me it knows my anemastalkignttakingmnyamedontknowineed
nameisnotnoinknowmynanmeyoucanthvaeitdonttelelyfffioutellt herm yma mnename if rthe rain kno smw ymyn amne it cna hurt me it cna hurt me becuase it knows my anem i dont ened ti
i dont need my name i have my own name it i dont need the rains name i haev my name
i knwo who i am and i have my name my name my name nymananntherian

i dont want to klnot know i want to know and remember dont do it id are you i tripel dog dare you not tod o it ok ok that means rthat he wont ddo it if i jtsu it ff if i swmi inth er ain rain he doesnt have to do it and i can rememmber rewmmb rember all the things i forgot i forgwet i cant the arion

stop stop stop i dont want to froget dont make ne nmormal again i dont want it it wasnt nice i like it like tih si have my frined sn and i dont want to become litek teh others oi dont want to lsoe it all and get itg agian i dont wnat to remember alter i dwant to be rpepared wen it comes

i dont want to be b gveghlat ble i wnat to ermembe rlet me remember let me keep anythgin everyithng do anything

siue used to be i cnever i cant dela twit them at scholl ai cant fore tthem dnt make emf orget i know how to dela eithwwith them i acn dfoignore them i cdont need ot not know i cneed to knw

its not fair ia jwsa going to have a godow eekekdn wogood weekend but then tyou had to do ti agian and inow the rain hte rian the rain rthe riinna adn the rain it burns

ti burns the word sinto my ehad i cant sotp thinking of the numbers all ther is is nbuermmnubemrs number nbeurm nbeurm 01101110 01110101 01101101 01100010 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101110 01101101 01110101 01100010 i dontw antt the numbers they arent a godo sign there snothng worse than the nubmers i can ttake it no more rain i dontw ant to gos wiimming

ZHJvdw==ning brugning burnign burning fire rubrinng rain ther house is burning im drowning drowning it hurts threm hot rain thote rain 114 97 105 110 the rain it s theo onyl thing ther

74 68 65 20 72 61 69 6e 20 74 68 65 20 72 61 69 6e 20 74 65 20 72 61 69 6e 0d 0a 63 61 6e 74 20 73 65 73 63 61 70 65 0d 0a 74 0d 0a 68 65 20 72 61 69 6e the rain the raint he raint heinrakern cannon watt dott rain teasin rain rain rain rainr ain rain rainra irnarinairniraniranrinariniarnairnrainrinarinarinarinairnrainrianrianrianriarniarnairnairnairna