Monday, April 4, 2011

Chapter F⊗rty-Six, Page Tw⊗

I hate to interrupt his majesty's midnight rantings
But I've heard you all like poems
And quite a few of you are good with riddles
So here's one for ya

The king indeed much more prefers me
Than ever he has done for the number three

In the hallowed halls of an institute, without a single ray
of sunshine, I'm the time you spend every week, in days

Half your last but with thy first
In due time, your mind will burst

Your favorite number, plus your least
THIS many digits were baked into the cannibal's half-feast

And lest these rhymes do prove too potent
Then the amount of voices inside your friend's head shall be your hint

4 reviews:

Joce said...

You expect me to solve this after what you did to me? Screw you! Someone else needs to get this for me...

Branwen said...

I am completely terrible at riddles...

In somewhat related news, it's raining here. A lot. Not in a Labyrinth way. I mean actual rain.

~ Branwen

Alyx said...

Joce, in five days, your life is going to SUCK.

Joce said...

Only in five days?

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