Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter Forty-Five: Bruin, Run Northward!

the rain the rain the rain the rain the rain
hrtss hns burrnts thwy gdoes ti hurt no dont hurt why ist it hort rain
everyy imttime i lgook outwsdithere is nothing but theairian
arairian rain
i rain hte rain the hot rain
no rain no more rain rain desnt stop raingni
i cant the rtain the rain
sso the rian and the rain the rain tis rainng why is it hraining
hurts it hurts it hurts why does it hurt rain doesnt hurt
only the rainthonyl reain wash away only rhe rain no washy
too chte rain tyoo mcuh rain rian
ic ant the rain the ariN
the rain the rian the rian
under a brifdge flvied a lived ar troll trol lives undr he bridge the bridge
rain rain bridge over water water rain
the rain the rain thre riant rhew trian thre rain
so mcuhh the water the water the the rain the rain hot erain
i cant it doesnt ggmnano dont walnt to talk no talk
talking is bad dont want to scare nobody needs to know
btu the rain makes mer ri odnt want to talk it willc scare thme
under a bridge a bridge the rtroll wthe warer the rivvevr the bridgge
rain rain terhrt is nothing but the raini
nothinh gbut the rain cnat escape the rain
so mthere si only the rain theina rain
dont stop only the rian stops never stops dontdrown no dronwing
raiiiinrnrrrian rin inarri
ooony the rain whnere is the ark wher eis nn oah where is the wahle
whale wher is the wale to carry mea awey jonah mbring your whale
no rain nor whale nora no noah noah needs my ark i mneed my ark
sea the sea carry mea wey only re rain name name my anme

the rain thrut no sdotp irt sdhurts hthe rian the rain etoanly the raint he rain knwoes my naem rthe wainr rain rhas afaces ther rain rain mwaeks me write inddiont want tos carrre ythme yuntnr erhte rain th i c ant hrtem thia rarin is lavughing amt em you wknt you aulguagign atlaguhgin mat em mnodrt laguhg why does tere rain aevha faces rhet are rtaowe faces two fafces and a hothrisd ftheres isa maks grhte thooodded adwwtheririan hood the rainc anfhas facesa esitn slsauhging at me it knows my anemastalkignttakingmnyamedontknowineed
nameisnotnoinknowmynanmeyoucanthvaeitdonttelelyfffioutellt herm yma mnename if rthe rain kno smw ymyn amne it cna hurt me it cna hurt me becuase it knows my anem i dont ened ti
i dont need my name i have my own name it i dont need the rains name i haev my name
i knwo who i am and i have my name my name my name nymananntherian

i dont want to klnot know i want to know and remember dont do it id are you i tripel dog dare you not tod o it ok ok that means rthat he wont ddo it if i jtsu it ff if i swmi inth er ain rain he doesnt have to do it and i can rememmber rewmmb rember all the things i forgot i forgwet i cant the arion

stop stop stop i dont want to froget dont make ne nmormal again i dont want it it wasnt nice i like it like tih si have my frined sn and i dont want to become litek teh others oi dont want to lsoe it all and get itg agian i dont wnat to remember alter i dwant to be rpepared wen it comes

i dont want to be b gveghlat ble i wnat to ermembe rlet me remember let me keep anythgin everyithng do anything

siue used to be i cnever i cant dela twit them at scholl ai cant fore tthem dnt make emf orget i know how to dela eithwwith them i acn dfoignore them i cdont need ot not know i cneed to knw

its not fair ia jwsa going to have a godow eekekdn wogood weekend but then tyou had to do ti agian and inow the rain hte rian the rain rthe riinna adn the rain it burns

ti burns the word sinto my ehad i cant sotp thinking of the numbers all ther is is nbuermmnubemrs number nbeurm nbeurm 01101110 01110101 01101101 01100010 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101110 01101101 01110101 01100010 i dontw antt the numbers they arent a godo sign there snothng worse than the nubmers i can ttake it no more rain i dontw ant to gos wiimming

ZHJvdw==ning brugning burnign burning fire rubrinng rain ther house is burning im drowning drowning it hurts threm hot rain thote rain 114 97 105 110 the rain it s theo onyl thing ther

74 68 65 20 72 61 69 6e 20 74 68 65 20 72 61 69 6e 20 74 65 20 72 61 69 6e 0d 0a 63 61 6e 74 20 73 65 73 63 61 70 65 0d 0a 74 0d 0a 68 65 20 72 61 69 6e the rain the raint he raint heinrakern cannon watt dott rain teasin rain rain rain rainr ain rain rainra irnarinairniraniranrinariniarnairnrainrinarinarinarinairnrainrianrianrianriarniarnairnairnairna

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Frap said...

Holy shit.

...Is there another secret message here?

Branwen said...

Oh god.

Um...lemme see what I can do...

Binary: numbers nmub

Hex: the rain the rain te rain
cant sescape
he rain


The hell are they doing with you...

~ Branwen

Frap said...

I've got it! Well, *we've* got it. I knew it was there, though, so that counts for something.
"the rain is hot it hurts it burns drowns"
...The first letters.

Frap said...

...Not very helpful, really, but at least it's there. No, that's bad. Um. I just...I'm going to keep trying.

Branwen said...

Ugh....yeah I see that part now. It's not consistent for the rest of the post...

I'll keep looking for more.

~ Branwen

Branwen said...

Wait. At the end there.

Regen? What is that?

Three times. The fourth is not properly capitalized.

~ Branwen

Branwen said...

Sorry for the triple comment, but look at the description for this:

~ Branwen

Frap said...

No, that's cool, I don't mind the triples. I can't speak for him, but I doubt Joce's mind either.

Regen. Regen. Well, there's regeneration, but if...well, it's not that bad. "Regen" with a capital "R" is German for "rain". It's more of the Erlking stuff. He's been taking the Der Erlkonig poem and substituting lines for it, via Gmail and screaming and scratching out words in the dirt, like..."In der Regen das Kind war tot." In the rain the child was dead. More or less. Very Gratuitous German, I think.

Probably the last one isn't capitalized for the same reason the rest of the post isn't. Well, shit me.

Branwen said...


Well, I tried looking at the post's title.
The first half, I have no clue.

The SECOND though...


Bruin run northward.

Bruin is a character in the Reynard fables. He's a bear. Reynard, the main character, is a red fox.

It is also the name of two cities. Bruin, Kentucky and Bruin, Pennsylvania.

Do either of those places mean anything to him?
(Bruin, PA is surprisingly close to us...)

~ Branwen

Joce said...


Frap said...

Even with all this, you managed to make an anagram? Damn, Joce.

Branwen said...


That completely defeats my Reynard Fables idea.

Or does it...?

You and your anagrams...

~ Branwen

Alyx said...

Joce... You weird, amazing bastard... Please, the rains aren't there, Joce, just LISTEN.

Guys, earlier, Joce was fine, aside from amnesia and forged memories. Last weekend, he mentioned that that damned cylinder was vibrating.

Branwen said...

Which may have something to do with it.

If we could get in and get it...

~ Branwen

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