Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Nine: I Nix Coral Pix To Yarns

"The project is finished?"
"Yes! Yes!"
"Very well," said Maze.
She glanced at the little thing they would hand to the boy. It was only a small cylinder of metal. In fact, it kind of looked like a bullet. However, Janus had assured her it would fit their purposes. Nonetheless...
"It will work?"
"Yes! Yes! N-yes!"
"Very well."
She tossed it up in her hand a few times, then held it out to Janus. "You'll do it."
"Are you defying me?"
"I just - you want me to do it? Of course. Why should I?"
"Do it."
"Fine! I won't. Yes, I will!"
Janus snatched the cylinder out of her hand, and began trudging up the hill of the ravine. One little riddle and you have to do all the work. It wasn't even a hard riddle. He bet the brat hadn't figured it out by himself.
The bird-masked man lifted his head. Only a few more feet to go until the porch. He could even see the kid inside, typing away, no doubt searching for more ways to fuck himself over with only a pitcher of lemonade and an umbrella machine. Was there such thing as an umbrella machine? Of course. No there wasn't!
Janus shook his head. He had to focus - even after years of practice, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate on all the little things, like putting one foot after the other. His beak scratched glass, and Janus realized that he had gotten there without even noticing. He gave two brisk raps on the door, and the boy immediately looked up in terror. Janus would put him in no peril - not now - but the boy didn't have to know that.
"LET ME IN," he called through the door.
The boy shook his head vigorously.
Janus frowned, then smashed his way through the glass. He fumbled with the lock on the sliding door for a minute, but eventually he got it. He wrenched the door wide open and threw the cylinder at the boy, quickly running off.
"Hey - what does this do?"
Janus appeared to disappear behind the large, moss-ridden tree, but he all he did was hide behind it, barely peeking around.
The boy examined the metal object. He twisted it, pulled on it, stamped it, but nothing would happen. Eventually, he opened his mouth wide, and, from the looks of it, accidentally swallowed it. Janus giggled madly to himself. The plan was going perfectly.
"Is it working?" demanded Maze. She had walked to him at least three minutes earlier.
"Yes! No - yes! It is!" replied Janus.
The boy dropped to his knees, doing his best to shut what was left of the sliding door. No effort he made could make it budge, and the boy fell the rest of the way. Maze smirked.
"Good job...for once."
"Thank you! Fuck off. No!"
"Wait - where did he go?"
The boy had disappeared in a nova of light. The piercing glow radiated out of the little wooden house in the middle of the forest, barely missing the two onlookers.
"What's going on, Janus?"
"I don't know! This isn't supposed to happen!"
The light died, and the boy got up as if nothing had happened. He glanced around, and saw one of their sleeves sticking out from behind the tree. He took one step outside, and then another, and soon was standing before them.
"You can't do this to me."
"Yes we can!" jeered Janus.
"Shut up," said Maze. She cuffed her partner.
"I need...I need to help you."
"Why? What have we ever done to you?" asked Janus.
"Shut up!" he said.
The boy lifted his right arm and hooked Janus right across the jaw. Maze saw it coming and ducked, but the boy got her with a long-winded haymaker to the shoulder. They both collapsed, and the boy stood over them.
"Look. I'm going to knock some sense into you, and you're going to like it."
"What?" whispered Maze.
The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out the small metal cylinder. "I don't know what this is," he said, "but I know how to break it." With the object, the boy turned to the tree and dug out an (X) into the bark. As soon as he finished, he dropped the object as if it were a hot potato, and it smashed open like ceramic. Out of the metal cylinder poured a foggy mist, which hovered over Janus and Maze like a personal storm-cloud. Both of them froze where they lay, and their eyes rolled back. Out of their mouths came a silvery substance, which quickly turned into a black, gooey, mud-like consistency. It sank into the cloud, which after gathering all they had left, evaporated into thin air. Janus blinked.
"Who are you?" he asked.
"I'm...a friend."
"What just...happened?" asked Maze.
"I think you may have redeemed yourselves," said the boy.
"So easily? The Master will kill you and your impertinent - "
"No," said Maze slowly, cutting him off, "he's right."
"I am?"
"I...we...What happened?
"You gave me a metal cylinder. I swallowed it. Then it broke and you guys did...this."
Maze nodded. "It was turn you into one of us."
"Why didn't it work?"
"...You have love in your heart. It rebelled against the foreign presence."
"What kind of bullshit is that, coming from a Proxy? 'Love in my heart'? I've barely even ever kissed a girl, let alone loved."
"'ve loved."
"I ask again. What kind of bullshit is that?"
"The kind...that can see it."
"But...does this mean you're not going to try and kill me any more?"
Janus groaned. "I'm fucking hungry, man. I haven't eaten in decades."
"I guess that confirms it," said the boy.
"Thank you...for rescuing us," whispered Maze.
"I didn't do anything!"
" did."


I guess that's a bit of an Ass Pull ending. But I like it.


Chapter Twenty-Eight, Page Three

So, I just came back from the school play (watching, not performing) and nothing went wrong. It was a pretty good play.

I think Janus is getting punished, though. Ha ha.

But he answered my question. I didn't have to blog it, I just slid open the door and yelled it. They're finished with their project, and tomorrow I'm going to get something. A little something. I'll post a picture when I do.

OK, so, Genevieve and Chester are in a pretty bad situation right now.

I've noticed a bunch of other people also agreeing to write stories for Frap's thing tomorrow. Great!


That's all for today.

No! Remnant made a blog. Isn't that interesting?

Now, THAT'S all.

HA! I knew I forgot something. The moon! It's closer than it's been in, what, a hundred years? On the winter solstice, it was a lunar eclipse, and at the equinox, it's close to the Earth. What could it mean? What's the connection?


Chapter Twenty-Eight, Page Two

Quick update. I've messed around with Google and created my OWN account, so it'll be a lot less confusing. Sometimes. Although now it says all my posts were made by Frap...


Anyway, if you want to reach me I'm at

And. Hey. Look at that. With THIS account I can actually use that little Compose tab...


Chapter Twenty-Eight: Algae Plus Sly

Some music. In a Minecraft video. But the music is the important bit.

Some more Paranormal Poetry, entitled Choose:
Blood of goats and teeth like sharks'
Fur of ape and height of such
In the dark with red eyes bright
Waiting for the time to strike


Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Seven: We Tether Thy Tut

I guess I've READ stuff, but why the dys has nobody told me about how scary he is!

Sheesh! What's the date? The eighteenth? I haven't been unconscious, I entirely remember the last few days.

By the way! I found some cool things, I might take pics later.

Still no DnD :(

Anyway! Back on topic. Oh, hey, Snore de Bliss is okay. NO! TOPIC.

GYM CLASS. Ugh, I hate gym class. It was a few days ago. Tuesday maybe. Or maybe just yesterday. Or today, I guess. Or even Wednesday. So, we're playing kickball, and I'm out in the outfield, right? We're inside, but...A kid kicks the ball, and I run after it, but I fall - very slippery floors you got there - and I hit my knee and my arms and my head.

Wait, that's not the important part. Although it did hurt.

Later, I'm back on the kicking side, a kid is going in front of me, he kicks the ball and lands it on the catwalk metal beam thing up on the ceiling. Game over.

The lights flicker. One flash. Easy. Everyone goes to the other side of the gym, you know. Separated by the big cloth thing. Class is over in ten minutes or so. Our teacher and a few students are wondering how they're going to get it down, but they go too. Suddenly I'm all alone. The kickball drops from its perch. "Huh?" Yeah, I know. When I looked up, though, this little black thing gave me a silly little wave and slunk back.

Later. I'm at home. Janus and Maze are building something. Reminds me of the Martians from War of the Worlds. They're in their ditch, building their heat ray gun, for, what, weeks? And then they finish and kill everybody with the energy wave. Oh, and then they pop out with their tripods. I never finished that book. No spoilers!

TOPIC! I'm at home. Looking out at the woods, the ones you've seen in my videos. It's just starting to get dark, but since it's nearing spring it's not happening fast. Way off in the background - you know those pictures from Something Awful? The one where he's got tentacles sprouting from his back and using those to walk around like some kind of Humongous Mecha exoskeleton? Well, he was doing something like that, gripping the trees and dragging one long foot through the ground. Eventually, he's gone, and when I went out there to investigate, the ground was scorched, burnt, and all that was left was...well. A Path of Black Leaves.

Then, later. It was dark by this point. Look out the window, and he's there. First thing I thought of was Marble Hornets, entry #6. Second thing was Ron Brownz. He's just, posed, but you know how Scott and whoever's talking about dozens, no, hundreds, no, thousands, no, millions, no, billions of tentacles? It wasn't like that. Only a few. I could probably count them on one hand. One of them was seeping into the ground, staining the white porch black, two were over the top of the window, and one was flailing around. There. Counted. He lifts one long hand, he raps briskly on the door, and brings it down again. I scream. I black out. I wake up, he's there again, standing over me, I scream again, I black out, hey, wake up, you gotta get to school.

Son of a pancake.

I forgot this earlier, but I'm going to take a minute and write down a poem I've had in my head all day. The first in a set of Paranormal Poetry, entitled Slam.

Ghost in the alley
Watching from the attic
Pets going crazy
Can you hear the static?

A second edit. Something that might not be...well. My dad said this yesterday as we were rushing to Gamestop at like 8:50 at night: "Well, that's the great thing about red lights. They're followed by green lights."


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Six, Page Two


Just thought I'd share that.

Also, Frap left me a very...strange message. I'm surprised he managed to write it the way he did. And I posted it here by accident! But now it's fixed. :D


Chapter Twenty-Five: Cyan Zebu Jars

I'd like to say I absolutely love the band Lansdowne <3

Now, remember that time when Janus freaked me out by pressing himself on the sliding-glass door window?


Except THIS time, I got the camera to work! Mostly. Most of the pictures were usable, but a few were so distorted or blurry they didn't show anything. By the way, his attire is suspiciously similar to various clothing items in my house, including but not limited to my hoodie, a pair of boots, and even the mask - we have the exact same one hanging on a wall. He didn't steal them, though. They're still there. He just happened to get perfect replicas.

Oh, dear. They're absolutely huge. I'll just link 'em.

(My Blogger refuses to allow me to do Pot Holes, or indeed any nice kind of link, sorry!)

Janus 1:
Janus 2:
Janus 3:
Janus 4:
Janus 5:
Janus 6:
Janus 7:
Janus 8:


Monday, March 14, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Four, Page Three

Just a quick update. Janus and Maze still haven't DONE anything, but they've switched out their bright colors for forest camo! Well, less bright colors anyway.

Janus is gray. Maze is black. Their new attire, anyway.

I know, because for all their disguises Maze is still up in a tree and Janus is still very close to the window. Not very hidden.

Maze still hasn't lifted her hood, but Janus switched out his mask, too. I think his old one shattered when he dropped it from a tree.


Chapter Twenty-Four, Page Two

Note: If you are not Kaiju, disregard this post and feel free to view the last one, which is where my juicy poem is.

I'm at my house, pulled up to the front. Using the wifi from my house to use my laptop. If anything happens when I go inside, I just want to say to you all that-

Wait, what the fuck was that in my window?


I am now about to utter the phrase that most high schoolers dread ever having to say...

What the fuck happened at that party?

I was finishing up the post and about to think of a title when I saw someone that looked like me in my bedroom window before he darted out of sight. That's when I posted, put down my laptop, and grabbed the dart gun and paintball mask I had stashed in the back seat. I dashed to the front door and opened see myself holding a baseball bat down the hall.

"You picked the wrong fucking house to rob!" I...he...he yelled.

I was speechless. I was standing in front of myself with a bat while I held a dart gun in my hand. Why was there another me? Was it a proxy?

A million thoughts ran through my head before the other me charged at me. I...I panicked and, pointing the gun at other me, I shot a dart into his shoulder.

"OW!" Other me yelled. He looked at me in a rage before his eyes suddenly glazed over. In a second, I was out like a light, collapsed on the ground.

I dropped the dart gun and ran to my unconcious body. He looked exactly like me, the birthmark and scars in place as well. He sounded like me. Whatever he was, he was the spitting image of me.

I...I didn't know what to do. So...I picked myself up and put me in my bed. I thought, maybe he'll think it was a dream, before I pulled the dart out of him.

I left. There wasn't room in town for two of me. He wasn't a proxy, otherwsie he wouldn't have called me a robber. There wasn't anything changed in my house. There wasn't any clue to what was going on.

So I'm back at that Borders parking lot. I'm leaving this town, heading toward who knows where. I'm going to be running while I guess I stay here. I don't know.

I gotta figure some things out. Now more than ever.

Stay safe.

-Kaiju, Founder of NAPPA

Dumb bastards think I'd actually leave town without answers? Please, why in the hell would I find a doppelganger of myself and not look for answers? Jesus, the proxies are losing their touch.

But I've found what I could and I've got a suitable answer. Still not entirely sure what happened at the party, but I can leave on my adventures now.

I'll post what I found out later. Right now, I just want something to read while I'm jumping from wifi spot to wifi spot. What's been going on with you guys?

Oh wow, I didn't know I had my own blog. I must've made this awhile ago and forgot about it.

Why's it called Slender School though?

Whatever, anyway, let's start with introductions. My name's Kaiju and apparently I already have...28 followers to 0 posts. Wow, you guys must be wondering what Slender School is too.

I have no idea though.

Anyway, I guess I'll just type about my daily life here. Even though it isn't that interesting.

Oh well.



Kaiju, if you actually DO recognize any of these, say so, and I'll see what I missed.


Chapter Twenty-Four: A Deer Is N-n-not A Lens

S⊗nnet 13⊗

My enemy's eyes are simply n⊗t there
Humans have much m⊗re light than he has light
If sn⊗w be white, why then his face is hail
If arms be wires, th⊗usands ⊗f wires cause blight
I have seen children, and adults, y⊗ung, ⊗ld
But n⊗t my ⊗wn face see I 'slaved t⊗ him
And in m⊗re m⊗nsters is there h⊗t, n⊗t c⊗ld
Like in the air that causes feelings grim
I'd hate t⊗ hear his v⊗ice, yet well I kn⊗w
It's been endured bef⊗re by many friends
I grant I haven't, I think, seen him, th⊗ugh
All the searchings I've made have been dead ends
And myself...I think my life as rare
As any he's n⊗t tainted with his scares

We've moved on to Shakespeare, now. I dreamt this up in third period.

Or, maybe, nightmared it up.

I can't help but think I wanted to say something important.

But I can't remember.

Kaiju, you sure you don't want to be shown the posts?

Wow! I can't believe I forgot. I am a shame to Geektopia. Happy Pi day!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Three: Dated Detection

I would like to take the time, now that I have ten people who are so very interested in my exploits as the most amazing teenaged writer ever, to greet you all.

AmalgamationSage! Your tales are interesting and your thoughts are profound. Glad to know you.

Elizabeth Thompson! I...don't know you at all. But hi!

Scott! You're really cool, man. You know, you search, you learn, you care. Stay safe. Please.

Jakob! I don't know you much either, but what I do know is you're plenty interesting. Glad to know you too.

Zed! Rule of Three - I don't know you very well, but your opinions are also very deep, and I hope you stay okay.

Branwen! And, I suppose, Casey, and, uh, whoever else. :) You guys are fun and hopeful.

Ron!...Ron. Be safe.

Kaiju! You were the first here, besides Frap, and you've been a more-or-less sturdy beacon. Thank you. And...whatever's going on, I'm going to try and help.

...I just realized that one out of ten is this account. I suppose I should say hello to Frap and Astrid, anyway, because I don't need to follow myself, so it must've been them.

And finally, Shelby, close friend and wonderful pop culture sharer. Really, really good to know you.

Well, that was all.


Chapter Twenty-Two: Tiny War-Room D

Maybe the reason our experiences are suspiciously similar to everyone else on the board is because he doesn't know anything else. He's been around for hundreds, scratch thousands, scratch millions, no, BILLIONS, maybe TRILLIONS of years. He has all that experience, but no variety. Aliens in every scifi story live longer than humans, but they are way less variable and diverse. It's because they live so long. There is something going on here, and if you can't understand that then just go cry in a corner and die, and please don't reproduce. In fact, I'll make sure you can't. I just bought some steel-toed boots.

Anyway. Enough ranting. I've got a bag of cheesepuffs, a Coke, and the rest of Sunday to have fun. I'm more or less fine, although I feel honored that Scott feels he should try and help me. I'm good for now.

Frap is...depressed. He's not in any kind of coma or anything, but he's pretty much. I think he's trying to drown his sorrows in alcohol.

Astrid is making sure he doesn't choke to death, or overdose or anything.

And, well, I dunno what Sharpie's thinking. But I bet she's not too happy with it all either.

I don't think I'm ever going to finish Written By A Victor, so I'll just outline the plot here. If anyone wants to ghostwrite it instead, that'd be pretty cool.

Kurtis is left in America by special forces. He is being cared for by a woman who lost her husband in World War Two, which, in this universe, was won by the Axis. Kurtis decides to travel the country and write a book about how the losers, the Allies, felt about the war. Then he goes to, what, Britain and Russia and wherever else, and gets people from there's point of view. Then he returns home, gets the book publishes, sees how it affects the people and makes them angry, and leads the revolution, and then overthrows Hitler and leads the world into...well, Utopia.

Oops, almost forgot. Kaiju's in trouble.

Oops! I forgot something else. Snore de Bliss trouble. He's lost his fingers, apparently, but he says he's "alnost" free. His most recent post also has someone, who sounds a lot like a Proxy, as a foreword. So, that sucks. And, okay, I just realized that the post title isn't gibberish, it says "Penultimatumb". Penultimate + ultimatum? Where does the b come from? Well, if you want to try and figure it all out, here: