Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Three: Dated Detection

I would like to take the time, now that I have ten people who are so very interested in my exploits as the most amazing teenaged writer ever, to greet you all.

AmalgamationSage! Your tales are interesting and your thoughts are profound. Glad to know you.

Elizabeth Thompson! I...don't know you at all. But hi!

Scott! You're really cool, man. You know, you search, you learn, you care. Stay safe. Please.

Jakob! I don't know you much either, but what I do know is you're plenty interesting. Glad to know you too.

Zed! Rule of Three - I don't know you very well, but your opinions are also very deep, and I hope you stay okay.

Branwen! And, I suppose, Casey, and, uh, whoever else. :) You guys are fun and hopeful.

Ron!...Ron. Be safe.

Kaiju! You were the first here, besides Frap, and you've been a more-or-less sturdy beacon. Thank you. And...whatever's going on, I'm going to try and help.

...I just realized that one out of ten is this account. I suppose I should say hello to Frap and Astrid, anyway, because I don't need to follow myself, so it must've been them.

And finally, Shelby, close friend and wonderful pop culture sharer. Really, really good to know you.

Well, that was all.


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Shelby said...

Elizabeth is my girlfriend. :) I'm glad you're glad to know me. That makes me feel awesome. I'm going to start posting my stories on Madness Is Relative. ;)

AmalgamationSage said...

Howdy. Good to know you too. ^_^

Frap/Joce said...

OH!...That makes sense. *Joce

Branwen said...

Aww...well thank you, dear. We try to be. Holding our heads high. You can't get anywhere effectively by staring at the ground.

~ Branwen

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