Monday, March 14, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Four: A Deer Is N-n-not A Lens

S⊗nnet 13⊗

My enemy's eyes are simply n⊗t there
Humans have much m⊗re light than he has light
If sn⊗w be white, why then his face is hail
If arms be wires, th⊗usands ⊗f wires cause blight
I have seen children, and adults, y⊗ung, ⊗ld
But n⊗t my ⊗wn face see I 'slaved t⊗ him
And in m⊗re m⊗nsters is there h⊗t, n⊗t c⊗ld
Like in the air that causes feelings grim
I'd hate t⊗ hear his v⊗ice, yet well I kn⊗w
It's been endured bef⊗re by many friends
I grant I haven't, I think, seen him, th⊗ugh
All the searchings I've made have been dead ends
And myself...I think my life as rare
As any he's n⊗t tainted with his scares

We've moved on to Shakespeare, now. I dreamt this up in third period.

Or, maybe, nightmared it up.

I can't help but think I wanted to say something important.

But I can't remember.

Kaiju, you sure you don't want to be shown the posts?

Wow! I can't believe I forgot. I am a shame to Geektopia. Happy Pi day!


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Invocation of Id said...

who needs eyes to rule the blind,
if you enunciate your words the loudest?
"the ab-ab scheme barely stays on time!"
the unruly, bitter crowd says.
keep close to the candles, joce my man,
they ward off the enemy's loathsome plans!
brr, it's chilly in the air tonight;
wind billows from the crevasse of frigid fright!


Frap/Joce said...

You're welcome...I suppose. Sorry about the rhyme scheme.

Let's see. Where are my candles? *Joce

Branwen said...

OH GOSH. It IS Pi Day!

And I forgot this whole time...

Not much of a fan of sonnets myself. Or Shakespeare. But that's mostly because I get angry at every character in every tragedy ever.

Because they're stupid.

~ Branwen

Kaiju said...

It was Pi day MArch 14th, at 1:59, 26 seconds in.

Also, sure, show me the posts. We'll give it a try.

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