Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Six, Page Two

I'm all alone now...the other two disappeared.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Six: Iced Picnic Cone

I just wanted to share this...didn't make it, but thought...well. In the trees, in the trees

*Joce? The place to be, the bee's knees

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Five, Page Two

I was searching through our garage today (a very dirty place) when I found this. We didn't make it, who could it be
The text says:

7 year olds or old-er
too scary, no little kids.
1 Penny each
Trust me, you'll love this game
Ace's paper stand.
On sale

Obviously it feels like something I made a long time ago when a penny was rich. I can't remember what the game was or if I made any money or who Ace was (probably me), or the paper stand or whatever. It looks like my seven-year-old handwriting, that's for sure. Could it be, could it be, could it be He?

What I do remember is burning it. Tricky tricky, don't play with fire

The reason I remember this is because it was about three, four months ago; before all this started. We were having a great fat bonfire, come one, come all, bring all your burnables, and I dug this up out of the garage, and I laughed at it, and I threw it in. There was a big WHOOSH. It made a really big spire of fire. Despite whatever might be your desire

Someone's giving me a message. Which SUCKS, because it's SPRING BREAK and the only two people I know personally who would want to do such a thing ARE DEAD.


Chapter Fifty-Five: Banker Sprig

Spring break is going awesome. We may not have shown ourselves in the ground

Also, I just read Reach's post about Ava being pregnant. I dunno how I missed that. The Power Of Love is strong! Admittedly it hasn't helped me much. But it's a good thing, even if it can't defeat the Slender Man, it can empower us to find another way. But we're still around, oh, we're still around

That is all. Forever and ever and ever around


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Four: Upstage Litany

Wow, nice one, Joce, I just posted something without anything in it. Well, what I was TRYING to say was I just saw Rio (pretty good), I've got some soda (really good), and movie popcorn (bliss). Tasty snacky yummy treats

I'm also listening to the four-hour recording of our D&D session from yesterday, in which I flipped off the Prince of the Dark Fey Court (I tried to convince him it was a gesture of respect in halfling culture, but it didn't work). All the best that can't be beat

This Guess guy. I hate riddles. Why are you giving out MORE riddles? Give us something good to eat

...You're not the one leeching my wifi, are you? And we won't trick you in the heat.