Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Four: Upstage Litany

Wow, nice one, Joce, I just posted something without anything in it. Well, what I was TRYING to say was I just saw Rio (pretty good), I've got some soda (really good), and movie popcorn (bliss). Tasty snacky yummy treats

I'm also listening to the four-hour recording of our D&D session from yesterday, in which I flipped off the Prince of the Dark Fey Court (I tried to convince him it was a gesture of respect in halfling culture, but it didn't work). All the best that can't be beat

This Guess guy. I hate riddles. Why are you giving out MORE riddles? Give us something good to eat

...You're not the one leeching my wifi, are you? And we won't trick you in the heat.


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Inhuman said...

The Dark Fey Court? Like those coldie baddie darkie guys? Worried face.


Guess said...

'Tis not I. You have, apparently, more pressing concerns than those of mine goals.

Guess said...

Including early trick-or-treaters, it would seem.

Joce? said...


Justice said...

Joce. There is a hidden message here. YOUR COLORS WORK.
"Tasty snacky yummy treats, All the best that can't be beat, Give us something good to eat, And we won't trick you in the heat."

Joce? said...

My colors work...? OK, I know we had this discussion but that was NOT me. So not. Um...wait. I bet there's some other ones, too. I'ma go look.

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