Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Three, Page Two

I question the survivability of our party - when both the drow ranger and drow druid get lost in the woods. We run and jump and leap and hide

It was a part of the story, and they WERE enchanted woods, mind, but come on. Won't you look and see inside?


Chapter Fifty-Three: Scary, Noisy Id

You know, lots of us bloggers have some kind of idiosyncrasy - they hear voices, they have two personalities, they have superpowers. I spy, with my little eye

But...not me. My only problem is - well - not that. Two little wittle homonculi,

Well, that's a fun secret to give out. Making trouble for Jo-Jo boy.

Om nom nom...Nothing to say, really - uh...EVERYONE SHOULD STOP BEING DEPRESSED IT'S NOT HELPING. The worst of pains has passed for now

Spring breaaaaak. We have to do this year-long project for school, and I'm writing ANOTHER novel on top of the first one, but I don't have Microsoft Word installed on my computer :( We're just making mischief, would you like to know how?

*Joce? Shan't reveal that, but shall tell you the words are coming alive for him, YOW!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Two, Page Two

I'd like to talk about something that's been bothering me: the Redlights. Testing, testing, 123!

The reason for this is I have a theory about them: they're prostitutes. Look at me, you can't see!

There's a lot of them, they show up everywhere, they make deals, they work for a violent man in a suit, they're tricky, and THEIR NAME IS REDLIGHT. Like...the Red-light district.

I am actually...partially serious here. Invisible to all but me,

I hope you laughed.

DnD tomorrow. I'll try and record the session. My digital recorder has like, 75 hours available at any time, so, yeah, great. Testing, testing, 123.


Chapter Fifty-Two: Mailbag Lash

A sham, a sham, all a big sham...that's what it was.

Janus never served any fucking "Erlking". That's ridiculous. It was all to - to kill Frap...

This I know because I have extensively been studying various things about energy recently, thanks to Janus and Maze and the energy...I could - trace it - I knew...I could...I knew...Frap was...trapped. In his own mind. It's...complicated. Imagine that there was a big floating room in the sky, anchored to Frap's mind...the others - Sharpie and Astrid and Murphy - they - they...they were in the room; and Frap was in the room...they - Frap was...Frap...I don't...I guess - what was the word he used...simulacrum. His body was sort of here, but not...totally. It was...hidden...and not really ghost...I feel like Drake with all these ellipses...not to be offensive, of course. They were - and - the only way...the energy...

They had to put their own energy into this to make it - if - if the...if it...if the construct stopped needing energy, mainly because there was nothing to keep trapped anymore, it would...end. Suddenly. Abruptly. And kill them. If they closed it, themselves, then Frap and whoever hadn't died would be left alive...anyone who died in there...died for real. But if they had closed it, on purpose, anyone who hadn't died would be...back. And...but they...died. Sharpie died immediately upon entering - it - it doesn't like animals. It...Murphy then killed A...I can' gods, I can't type her name...Atch...and then himself - that's it...they were gone. But Frap was still there. Alone and sad and whimpering and feeding on granola and water, but...alive. And so the construct had a reason to keep going. But then - when he - I can't...the energy supply was also drawing partly from the prisoners and - it...together they provided a large percent - and then Sharpie died, that took a small chip of it - and a bit more energy had to be taken from the others...and then - and then she and him, they...they died - and so Frap had to give more energy or else the construct would shut down and they couldn't have that, so they took it - but then - then when he...all that energy was coming from nowhere, and...there was...a gap.

So the energy flowed out of them in an attempt to fill the gap.

And there was too much energy flowing out of them.

And they...

Kicked the bucket.

On a...brighter note. I am now the proud owner of Minecraft T-shirts. 3 Creeper Moon, Powered by Redstone, & Diamond Crafting. Or whatever they're called.

And - the only thing - there's - most of them - they're gone...the little ones...but - but Justo - and Ved - and Woden - I don't - they're...everyone else - is gone - they're...still here.

I've got - access. To Janus and Maze's accounts. I...they were leeching my wifi. Not too hard. Not for me, anyway. I'll...set myself up as admin again. Change this back to normal. On - on the other hand...I kinda like it like this...Simple. I'll - I'll change my profile too...

I don't - I don't want to be Joce anymore...I'm no hero, I'm not...not like he is in the book...but I don't - I need to keep - a me Joce for now. I'll...try and figure out who I am soon.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If if if it with and then seventeen? No, but the it has to got it's only only right if you need to prepare the surroundings the for the and then where the if it. It is is the and then. The the and if he comes at the right time you can harness moon moon the night hunting at night night in the forest. Of course the sun has has the and it power an explosion of energy the the the. But what what if the interference from the the construct? That could could mess up up up big time. Should account that what for which the it. Must keep working.

♪Sei ruhig, bleibe ruhig, mein Kind♪

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Master Is Coming

And He will DESTROY you, Janus, and He will TAKE the boy for Himself and no amount of little winged beasts or demonic kings can stop Him.

I hope you liked your present.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Early Bird

It catches the worm, does it not? I believe that since we started earlier, we have finished earlier. The boy's...changes are complete. His mind...well, to put this more gently...

After so long, my German is getting a bit rusty...I believe the correct way of saying it is, "Es hat gebrochen"? It broke. His mind, that is.

Let me tell you a Geheimnis. A secret. I do not serve the freak that Maze calls Master. No, my lord is one infinitely more powerful and infinitely more wondrous. No - I am a knight, and I serve a king. No, I am not under the command of Maze. No, I do not plan to give the boy to her Master. No, these past few weeks were not to turn the boy to her side. No, I do not argue with myself. No, from the very beginning this was to let the boy achieve what many others could not - a way - a way to bring my lord into the world more...permanently. No, these little...monsters you call fairies did not come out of nowhere - I summoned them, in an attempt to, as you say, get the ball rolling. No, my lord does not lead the others - but he does lead - but he does take a pivotal role in the Jagd. I cannot fathom all the glorious purposes of my liege, but he assists the Hunt in ways that no one else could. It is interesting that the boy decided to nickname one of the Little People "Woden", as he is the leader my lord follows - as he is Wodan as he is Odin as he is the leader of the Hunt, as he is the leader my lord follows, although the "fairy" is nothing but that. No doubt he will get so caught up in all the excitement that his tiny little heart will give out.

The boy is to be rechristened "Regen", in honor of his recent experiences with Wasser. Besides a multitude of other reasons, the cleansings of his mind, body and soul have washed away the scent, the Gestank of human from him, leaving Regen free to join in the Hunt if he so wishes - but only after he has managed to bring my lord here.

I will be helping him, of course. He does not know all the important details of how to do it. What he is needed for is efficiency and knowledge, and perhaps some higher mathematics.

No doubt this is a bit of a shock, ja? I believe you'd call it an Ass Pull. You better watch your asses, then, lest they get pulled up into the Hunt's path.

So, now I only need to dispose of Maze and we can begin...