Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chapter Fifty-Five, Page Two

I was searching through our garage today (a very dirty place) when I found this. We didn't make it, who could it be
The text says:

7 year olds or old-er
too scary, no little kids.
1 Penny each
Trust me, you'll love this game
Ace's paper stand.
On sale

Obviously it feels like something I made a long time ago when a penny was rich. I can't remember what the game was or if I made any money or who Ace was (probably me), or the paper stand or whatever. It looks like my seven-year-old handwriting, that's for sure. Could it be, could it be, could it be He?

What I do remember is burning it. Tricky tricky, don't play with fire

The reason I remember this is because it was about three, four months ago; before all this started. We were having a great fat bonfire, come one, come all, bring all your burnables, and I dug this up out of the garage, and I laughed at it, and I threw it in. There was a big WHOOSH. It made a really big spire of fire. Despite whatever might be your desire

Someone's giving me a message. Which SUCKS, because it's SPRING BREAK and the only two people I know personally who would want to do such a thing ARE DEAD.


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Branwen said...


Bran's dog is named Ace. That's more than likely a coincidence.

"Too scary, no little kids"

I'm not sure, but I keep thinking that maybe you encountered Him/It/Whatever as a kid. Maybe. I could definitely be wrong.

~ Casey

Joce? said...

I think I have, actually.

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