Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Seven: We Tether Thy Tut

I guess I've READ stuff, but why the dys has nobody told me about how scary he is!

Sheesh! What's the date? The eighteenth? I haven't been unconscious, I entirely remember the last few days.

By the way! I found some cool things, I might take pics later.

Still no DnD :(

Anyway! Back on topic. Oh, hey, Snore de Bliss is okay. NO! TOPIC.

GYM CLASS. Ugh, I hate gym class. It was a few days ago. Tuesday maybe. Or maybe just yesterday. Or today, I guess. Or even Wednesday. So, we're playing kickball, and I'm out in the outfield, right? We're inside, but...A kid kicks the ball, and I run after it, but I fall - very slippery floors you got there - and I hit my knee and my arms and my head.

Wait, that's not the important part. Although it did hurt.

Later, I'm back on the kicking side, a kid is going in front of me, he kicks the ball and lands it on the catwalk metal beam thing up on the ceiling. Game over.

The lights flicker. One flash. Easy. Everyone goes to the other side of the gym, you know. Separated by the big cloth thing. Class is over in ten minutes or so. Our teacher and a few students are wondering how they're going to get it down, but they go too. Suddenly I'm all alone. The kickball drops from its perch. "Huh?" Yeah, I know. When I looked up, though, this little black thing gave me a silly little wave and slunk back.

Later. I'm at home. Janus and Maze are building something. Reminds me of the Martians from War of the Worlds. They're in their ditch, building their heat ray gun, for, what, weeks? And then they finish and kill everybody with the energy wave. Oh, and then they pop out with their tripods. I never finished that book. No spoilers!

TOPIC! I'm at home. Looking out at the woods, the ones you've seen in my videos. It's just starting to get dark, but since it's nearing spring it's not happening fast. Way off in the background - you know those pictures from Something Awful? The one where he's got tentacles sprouting from his back and using those to walk around like some kind of Humongous Mecha exoskeleton? Well, he was doing something like that, gripping the trees and dragging one long foot through the ground. Eventually, he's gone, and when I went out there to investigate, the ground was scorched, burnt, and all that was left was...well. A Path of Black Leaves.

Then, later. It was dark by this point. Look out the window, and he's there. First thing I thought of was Marble Hornets, entry #6. Second thing was Ron Brownz. He's just, posed, but you know how Scott and whoever's talking about dozens, no, hundreds, no, thousands, no, millions, no, billions of tentacles? It wasn't like that. Only a few. I could probably count them on one hand. One of them was seeping into the ground, staining the white porch black, two were over the top of the window, and one was flailing around. There. Counted. He lifts one long hand, he raps briskly on the door, and brings it down again. I scream. I black out. I wake up, he's there again, standing over me, I scream again, I black out, hey, wake up, you gotta get to school.

Son of a pancake.

I forgot this earlier, but I'm going to take a minute and write down a poem I've had in my head all day. The first in a set of Paranormal Poetry, entitled Slam.

Ghost in the alley
Watching from the attic
Pets going crazy
Can you hear the static?

A second edit. Something that might not be...well. My dad said this yesterday as we were rushing to Gamestop at like 8:50 at night: "Well, that's the great thing about red lights. They're followed by green lights."


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Invocation of Id said...

That poem's nice, concise, and pin-point precise. I like it. I'd like it better if I actually had a pet to go bananas when spoooooOOOOoooky ghosts came around.

Good luck to you, yo. Hopefully you won't need to dip into the chance pot.

Branwen said...

I'm sorry I missed this. I've been missing everything apparently. Back from the city now...lot's of catching up to do...

~ Branwen

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