Monday, March 14, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Four, Page Two

Note: If you are not Kaiju, disregard this post and feel free to view the last one, which is where my juicy poem is.

I'm at my house, pulled up to the front. Using the wifi from my house to use my laptop. If anything happens when I go inside, I just want to say to you all that-

Wait, what the fuck was that in my window?


I am now about to utter the phrase that most high schoolers dread ever having to say...

What the fuck happened at that party?

I was finishing up the post and about to think of a title when I saw someone that looked like me in my bedroom window before he darted out of sight. That's when I posted, put down my laptop, and grabbed the dart gun and paintball mask I had stashed in the back seat. I dashed to the front door and opened see myself holding a baseball bat down the hall.

"You picked the wrong fucking house to rob!" I...he...he yelled.

I was speechless. I was standing in front of myself with a bat while I held a dart gun in my hand. Why was there another me? Was it a proxy?

A million thoughts ran through my head before the other me charged at me. I...I panicked and, pointing the gun at other me, I shot a dart into his shoulder.

"OW!" Other me yelled. He looked at me in a rage before his eyes suddenly glazed over. In a second, I was out like a light, collapsed on the ground.

I dropped the dart gun and ran to my unconcious body. He looked exactly like me, the birthmark and scars in place as well. He sounded like me. Whatever he was, he was the spitting image of me.

I...I didn't know what to do. So...I picked myself up and put me in my bed. I thought, maybe he'll think it was a dream, before I pulled the dart out of him.

I left. There wasn't room in town for two of me. He wasn't a proxy, otherwsie he wouldn't have called me a robber. There wasn't anything changed in my house. There wasn't any clue to what was going on.

So I'm back at that Borders parking lot. I'm leaving this town, heading toward who knows where. I'm going to be running while I guess I stay here. I don't know.

I gotta figure some things out. Now more than ever.

Stay safe.

-Kaiju, Founder of NAPPA

Dumb bastards think I'd actually leave town without answers? Please, why in the hell would I find a doppelganger of myself and not look for answers? Jesus, the proxies are losing their touch.

But I've found what I could and I've got a suitable answer. Still not entirely sure what happened at the party, but I can leave on my adventures now.

I'll post what I found out later. Right now, I just want something to read while I'm jumping from wifi spot to wifi spot. What's been going on with you guys?

Oh wow, I didn't know I had my own blog. I must've made this awhile ago and forgot about it.

Why's it called Slender School though?

Whatever, anyway, let's start with introductions. My name's Kaiju and apparently I already have...28 followers to 0 posts. Wow, you guys must be wondering what Slender School is too.

I have no idea though.

Anyway, I guess I'll just type about my daily life here. Even though it isn't that interesting.

Oh well.



Kaiju, if you actually DO recognize any of these, say so, and I'll see what I missed.


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