Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Two: Tiny War-Room D

Maybe the reason our experiences are suspiciously similar to everyone else on the board is because he doesn't know anything else. He's been around for hundreds, scratch thousands, scratch millions, no, BILLIONS, maybe TRILLIONS of years. He has all that experience, but no variety. Aliens in every scifi story live longer than humans, but they are way less variable and diverse. It's because they live so long. There is something going on here, and if you can't understand that then just go cry in a corner and die, and please don't reproduce. In fact, I'll make sure you can't. I just bought some steel-toed boots.

Anyway. Enough ranting. I've got a bag of cheesepuffs, a Coke, and the rest of Sunday to have fun. I'm more or less fine, although I feel honored that Scott feels he should try and help me. I'm good for now.

Frap is...depressed. He's not in any kind of coma or anything, but he's pretty much. I think he's trying to drown his sorrows in alcohol.

Astrid is making sure he doesn't choke to death, or overdose or anything.

And, well, I dunno what Sharpie's thinking. But I bet she's not too happy with it all either.

I don't think I'm ever going to finish Written By A Victor, so I'll just outline the plot here. If anyone wants to ghostwrite it instead, that'd be pretty cool.

Kurtis is left in America by special forces. He is being cared for by a woman who lost her husband in World War Two, which, in this universe, was won by the Axis. Kurtis decides to travel the country and write a book about how the losers, the Allies, felt about the war. Then he goes to, what, Britain and Russia and wherever else, and gets people from there's point of view. Then he returns home, gets the book publishes, sees how it affects the people and makes them angry, and leads the revolution, and then overthrows Hitler and leads the world into...well, Utopia.

Oops, almost forgot. Kaiju's in trouble.

Oops! I forgot something else. Snore de Bliss trouble. He's lost his fingers, apparently, but he says he's "alnost" free. His most recent post also has someone, who sounds a lot like a Proxy, as a foreword. So, that sucks. And, okay, I just realized that the post title isn't gibberish, it says "Penultimatumb". Penultimate + ultimatum? Where does the b come from? Well, if you want to try and figure it all out, here:


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Branwen said...

Tell him to cut it out with the alcohol. That's not gonna help him. At all.

~ Branwen

Kaiju said...

Keep Frap alive and well. We all need him.

And how the hell am I in trouble?

Frap/Joce said...

You're, um, going crazy. You seem to have gained another personality and lost half of your memories. *Joce

Kaiju said...

Half of my...

What the hell are you talking about?

Invocation of Id said...

fantasticfrapfranklyyourfabulousfortitudefillsmyfigurewithfeelingsoffestivity!butbeforeburstingyourbubblewithbelligerentbothering,Iinquire:investigateintothisinsipiditerationofIdsimaginationinquisitorially.SSSSevenservesasthesaviororthesacrificialsermonsnoreissmoteby. regggards

Shelby said...


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