Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter Twenty-Two: Best Reader

My palms are red and scarred.

I've got many, many splinters, everywhere on my body, not just my hands.

My nose is bleeding and I've got a headache like Abraham Lincoln must've had that day.

There are marks and blood on some of the trees outside.

What...happened last night?

Let's see...I was on the computer...Then I called Astrid's phone and asked them to come here. They...arrived, then they left...and now, Janus is back, and he's got a gun, and who knows what else.

It hurts to type. It really does.

Which is a pity. I wanted to finish that story.


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Branwen said...

...please be careful, Joce.

~ Branwen

Frap/Joce said...

Thank you, Branwen. Nice to know there's somebody to trust. *Joce

AmalgamationSage said...

It ain't over until it's over. Keep going until the final consequence is revealed, because that's all you can do.

Shelby said...

Joce? Joce, you have to be ok.... ok?

Frap/Joce said...

Oh, come on, guys, I'm fine. I'll make sure to tell you if they try and pull anything.

Also, AS, that's totally, perfectly correct. *Joce

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