Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chapter Seventeen: Now, One Dork

So, most days I come home, walk downstairs to the area you've seen a few times, and there'll be a piece of paper slipped into the sliding doors. This paper I will read, type up, think of a title for that starts with F, and then shred. And then take the pieces of it and shred them.

But recently, that's been happening less and less.

The bird stories, for example. I didn't post those for Frap.


I'm going to TALK to him.

About some things.

And get some answers.

Well, anyway. Nothing new happening. Oh, no. Either Janus or Maze has left for now. I don't know which one or what they're doing, but I can definitely see one of them still here, hiding in the bushes.

I might take some video tomorrow. If they do something interesting.


3 reviews:

Branwen said... careful out there then, whichever one of them it is. Be prepared to defend yourself, just in case.

Big sticks work pretty well, I think.

~ Branwen

Frap/Joce said...

Hehehe! Thanks, Branwen. *Joce

Branwen said...

No problem. ;D

~ Branwen

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