Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chapter Forty-Four: Thick Abrasion

So, what happened in my world today? Well, I saw Hop. That was prety good, I tought. Funny enough to give me laughs, which is all you really ned for a good movie, right? Unless it's so bad tat yu laugh at it. Anyway, I'm all full on popcorn and Mounain Dew. I know there's lots of jokes about that stuff, but I think it's eally good! What else hppened? Oh, I squshed my had in the car door. And then I squished my other hand in the car door. I can't feel my hads. Sorry if there's typos :P

Did anything ELSE else intereting happen? The ticket-taker was kinda weird. e wore a mask that hd two faces. I dunno if it was some kind of promotional stunt cause I don't remember seeing anything about Batman: The Return of Two-Face, but maybe he was just still stuck on Halloween. All Hallow's Ee, som call it. He was pretty reepy, though, he leaned int my face and stuff and like sniffed me. But then I saw him sile. The mask kinda...gos over his nose? And his mouth is open to the air. So I saw him smile. I guess he was happy for me or something. ut it ws creepy. Really, really, really reepy. It was almost like slasher-I'm-gonna-ill-you creepy.

What else? My hnds are really bruised right now. And swolle. And a bit cut up. It's not eep, but wide. It's...hick! A tick abrasion. Good title for a first blog post, right? Probably think I'm emo or somthing...yes, I'm going to go with m name being "Joce". It migt as well be, really. I might change my name to it eventually, my real name is, um, ber weid.

Ha, weid. Like weed. The kids at my school smoke weed, I heard them alking about it. They were discusing their future kids. "I dn't want my kids to smoke until they're twelve and then only if they tell e about it." "I dnno, I get this vibe like you'd be a horrible parent." I wanted to shout at them that they all sounded like horrible parents. If you're reading this, please don't reprodue. Or adopt. Ha! Har har de har. Hula-oop. Oh my God. Oh my God. I haven't hula-hooed in years. I want to now. Thanks a ot, Internet!

Just kidding, it's not your fault! Still lov you guys. Not like nyone's paying attention, though, I have, what, one follower? Or is it two follower? Yeah, two. James and Mary or somthing, I don't feel like looking righ now.

Joc, foce, noce, moce, goce, roce, poce, loce. Loce? Like lice? I don't think I've ever had ice. I do remember getting ice checked, though, at a sumer camp. That camp SUCKD. Major. Lke, Major General Officer Lieuenant suckage.

Shoop da oop!

I'm ramblng so much!

View bog. What kind of email is ardoftruths? And who evn uses Gmail?

I guess blggers...Bork bork bork! Ha. Guild Wars...killing Charr, illing gorps or whatever...Guild Wrs reference...but YAY FOR GUILD WARS TWO! Yay yay yay!

...Ouch, my hands hurt. BOTH of them. A lot.

I'm going to not bother with the tpos. I gotta soak my hands.

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Branwen said...

Uh oh...

You okay Joce?

~ Branwen

Snore-De-Bliss said...

Son of a BITCH, I just had the message and then clicked off the page.

Joce, you hurt or something? Keep safe, alright?

Frap said...

The message?

That sure is a lot of typos. Must've hit his hand pretty hard.

You mean the last lines? No, there's some other message, I just suck at them...

Then again. "It Makes Sense In Context K".


Oh. Snore, if you get it again don't hesitate to put it up, alright?

Snore-De-Bliss said...

eheho train n(ELSE?) shave come back and they hurrt so much please tl met whilol be okay

What the typo'd words spell out. I don't think I missed anything. Go through it again, and check to see if I missed any typo'd letters or misinterpreted anything.

Frap said...

That's an incredibly bad message. I think "train shave" is supposed to be "rains have", though. "rains have come back".

Even if you did miss something, that's pretty clear, let's see..."rains have come back and they hurt so much please tl me it will be okay"?

Maybe "tl" is supposed to be "tell".

Damn, thanks, Snore.

Joce - it'll be okay. I promise.

Frap said...

Wait, wait. "eheho train shave" could be "ehe hot rains have" could be "the hot rains have"...Damn again.

Frap said...

Oh, and damn AGAIN, "Thick abrasion" is an anagram of "rains back [thio]". Damn, damn, damn, I'm panicking.

It's not raining! It's not...I can't...this is bad.

Branwen said...

Is he doing this on purpose?

Just what the hell are they trying to accomplish?

~ Sammi

Frap said...

They want him to join them.

Janus said...

Yes, yes, yes.

Very clever. No it's not.

I doesn't matter, anyway.

He's gone. No he's not.

Yes he is.

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