Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Chef Kiting's Grill



(Hello, Fox, welcome to my blog!)

Let's talk about lights!

Not Redlights, though. Normal lights.

For the longest time now, maybe a year or two, lights...flicker. Electric lights. Every once in a while, boop! And back again. Half a second usually.

This only got weird when the sun started to flicker.

Of course I thought I was just blinking, until it happened every day at around the same time.

Two is a very important number to me. Not actually all that much, but it is definitely an Arc Number in the book I'm writing. (Spoiler alert: three turns out to be the real Arc Number later)

Two p.m., two oh two, two twelve, two twenty-two, two thirty-two, two forty-two, and two fifty-two. No doubt something similar happens in the wee hours of the morning, but I'm rarely awake at that time.

After I got used to this, it got weird again just about forty-five minutes ago, when I was being driven home from school by Mom (I'm still at home, Frap can give details about that later) when something flickered again. This time, it wasn't a flicker off, not a short period of darkness, but as if a lightning flash,

in the middle of the day,

in the spring.

It is spring now, isn't it? Huh. Almost forgot.

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?


I feel a dys of a lot better than I did yesterday, and I don't even have any homework to do! Woot.

I should keep a log, huh?


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Maze said...

Just wait.

Todd Fox said...

A welcome? How nice.

Good to see you're alright. The Wolf will be pleased.

Branwen said...


I saw you comment on Todd's blog, but now I know you're for sure okay! :D

Virtual tackle hugs!

I'm just going to ignore Maze up there and hope it's not a repeat...

~ Branwen

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