Friday, April 1, 2011

Chapter Forty-Two: Ergo, Rekindling

For good luck, the final picture
Means nothing
Take it not to heart

One for

Seven for a secret,

Ten for

Dem Vater grauset's, er reitet geschwind,
Er hält in Armen das ächzende Kind,
Erreicht den Hof mit Müh' und Not;
In seinen Armen das Kind war tot.

Homesick gent

Ken lighter

Thieves upon

Homeboy sect

Snorer tutus

Organic Louvre

Swathed, yo

Nether hunters

Halfwit hotel

Slink begs signs

Baggie nation

A fiend's ivy

Craft honoree

Tout bighorn

Eaten, quoth I

Aha, fatty fonts

Hotworth fasted

Huh? Try Gobbet

Hah, Tortoni

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AmalgamationSage said...

Joce. You've been pretty incomprehensible as of late. I don't know what's going on at all.

What I *Do* know, is that whatever you're thinking of regarding the Erlking, drop it. Some things should not be messed with. And if you DO mess with them, try to have a few years of training first.

Frap said...

The Erlking? Is that what the German is about?

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