Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chapter F⊗rty-Seven: A Backlash Beep

Even the Bard could not hear my song
But soon 'twill be time for you to sing along

Not a hard rhyme if you know where to look
Yet, think of this: How do you like your meat? Cooked?

For that is how your mind shall be
Can't guess what we're going to do, see?

It shall be in less time than before that you'll break
Only to become a servant of the Master, so he spake

5 reviews:

Joce said...

I usually don't eat meat, actually, Janus. Sorry.

Branwen said...

This seems fairly obvious.

I'd protect your pretty little head there, Joce.

~ Branwen

Joce said...

Thanks, Bran. ._.

"Pretty little head"?

Branwen said...

Your brain, silly.

In case Janus tries to retardedly ice pick lobotomize you again. Because that would be completely awful. And I'd be very sad. :(

~ Branwen

Woden said...

I get it! Enlightened face!

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