Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chapter Four: Prof. Turnfear

FIRST of all, I've started videoing. Whenever I get paranoid and stuff. Nothing creepy at the moment, but check the Movie tab. And the Illustrations tab, I made something in Minecraft!...Sadly, Herobrine did not show up.

SECOND of all, Frap is back!


He showed up a little while ago outside the window, just poof, like Lake, you know? This Other Side stuff. He was with a girl, someone who Beak talked about in her chats. Right now they're being warmed, although the girl keeps breaking out into flailing spurts.

That's all for now, more later, I think, I just think Frap would want me to tell you...not that many of you are paying attention.


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Shelby said...

That is VERY Slender-static at the end.

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