Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chapter Three: Proud Intro Voice

I'm going to post whenever I can, about once a day, just because quite honestly I don't have much else to do, and also, I'm freaking out a little.

So there were some scary shadows last night, just before the sun set, and I took a video of them to see if I could find anything after posting it, HYBRID-style. Unfortunately, I couldn't even get the video onto the computer. At first I thought that he was in the footage somewhere, corrupting it and all, but then I realized that I just didn't have the proper program on my computer to view it. Except after I had converted it to something usable, there wasn't anything there. Tokke?

So what does that mean? Dys if I know. Instead of the nice, thirty-five second panoramic view of my backyard woods, there was just a thirty-five second screen of blackness, mixed in with some whale song, which doesn't make sense since the camera I use doesn't record sound. I would like it better if it did, but nope! Just the video. Not bad-quality video either, usually. But I'm beginning to doubt it now. Could it just be the age of the camera? I'm not sure when it was purchased...

On a side note, there is, I think, a canary riding a raccoon outside my window.

So, Proxies. Right, well, thanks, Kaiju, although now I'm less sure if there aren't any at school. I haven't seen anyone wearing a mask since Halloween, though. I also read "McDonald's Coffee Is The Nectar Of The Gods" and although I haven't met anybody who deserves having their skull crushed yet (besides a few nudjes at my school) I think Andrew's got a point.

On the other side's note, Frap's right. I just read through a lot of the blogs he's been following, and there's some serious un-bupkis going on. Who's gone? Inky and NOOC, for one. For two, actually. If I wanted to, I could compose a list, but that's a lot of work and it's the weekend so I'm not going to. I CAN point out that his point is incredibly valid! I wouldn't have believed in this before Lake showed up. I kind of figured Frap was just a bit crazy, but he was the kind of crazy that you don't really want to be crazy, so I helped him. Going off on a tangent again. What happened to everybody? Where are they now? Ha, that's kind of funny. But seriously! Why are they all gone?

Beak contacted Shelby last night over Gmail - those guys seem to really love it. I read the chatlog, once again not my business, but I was interested. So I'm "unreadable", am I? That's interesting. Beak said she could usually tell exactly when someone was going to die, to the second, except for some people, who included Frap, me, Zero, and some girl that showed up to her late last night. It didn't, however, include her, or her teammates, and apparently she could tell that the Slender Man was going to die some day, but she couldn't tell when. Personally, I think she's crazy, or was; but I shouldn't rag on the dead, so Rest In Peace, Beak. "No remorse", apparently. A message she wanted to leave, and she left it pretty blatantly. Well, alright.

So apparently I'm either, "Not crazy", a "Little crazy", or "Crazy, but so are you". For whatever reason, nobody just picked "Yes". That's alright too. I don't think you can enjoy anything without being a bit meshuggeneh. I'm the kind of guy who would LIKE to imagine six impossible things before breakfast, but that's kind of hard for two reasons, the first of which being 1) I have to leave early and then I'm forced to think about other things, and 2) I don't usually eat any kind of breakfast.

Wow, I wish I had some ice cream right now. Or a nice root beer. Hehehehehehe. Have you ever noticed that the word "laugh" is right there inside the word "slaughter"? Ooh, no, the whole word is just laughter with an s. And Gaddafi is slaughtering everybody, and nearby countries are helping. That's something to shmei about. Or possibly something to kvetch about. Ah, Yiddish! What a wonderful language. It has a word for everything. Go Jews!

You know, I never had a bar mitzvah. What a shame.

Who plays X-Box?

Just look at all those beautiful paragraphs! Well, that's the author in me. Goodbye for now, friends, here's hoping for a happy ending, and no twists, M. Night Shamalamadingdong!


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i like xbox.
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