Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapter Two: Lazy Land Newt

No wifin' in the club!...

My parents have got a friend over right now. It's SUPER windy out here. A tree just fell into the neighbor's house. Thank the GODS it's Friday, oh man. So, the friend is cool, I'm safe inside, the neighbors are fine. I still haven't seen the Slender Man, as foresty as it is here.

I've also read that lots of people meet these "Proxies" in their schools. I haven't met any. Not that I know of. I'm also pretty sure the guest isn't one either. She seems friendly enough.

Is that all? Well, I don't know. I just felt like putting something up here after posting Beak's message. I don't have any connections like you probably do, whoever you are. Or like Frap does. I don't know anyone yet.

Oh, but I talked to Shelby Willingham last night, she's pretty cool.

I miss Frap. I hope he's okay.


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Kaiju said...

Not everyone has proxies in their school. Most of the time they meet them randomly, when they're hunted.

Proxy info:

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