Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapter Six: Thine Badge Is

I just got Frap's first post for today, but I'm going to make mine first.

I'm pretty sure there's actually something in the bag. A bunch of little things. I'm going to see if I can get the "unbagging" on video later. Yay for puns.

Also, Jekyll's okay! I think. And the Liesmith is being creeeeeepy. Cool, but creepy.

I hate schoolwork. Not to mention the fact that I'm being followed. I still haven't seen the Slender Man himself, but what the dys, man? I'm so scared. I'm afraid I'm going to get jumped.

Actually, I'm more afraid of losing my novel-in-the-making than my noseblood.


Although I'm MORE afraid of losing my LIFE, or maaaaaybe my sanity, than my novel-in-the-making.

I'm scared of dying.

I'm scared of the endless nonexistence.

And from what I've heard, belonging to he Slender Man is incredibly similar.

Okay, now I'm having a panic attack, I'll just...spellcheck Frap's thing. Help me concentrate.


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