Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter Eleven: A Veiled Synergy

I still like the anagrams, even if Frap spoils them <3

I keep telling myself nothing interesting happened today and I don't need to blog about it, but then Frap's letter makes me feel like I should write something so hear I go.

It's not like I'm filling up everyone's Reading List. Only four people. But at least someone's listening. Um, reading.

I guess Janus and Maze are interesting.

The Dungeon Master - er, Mistress - says that if we write up a backstory we get 500 extra experience, and 700 for a picture. Or maybe the other way around. Anyway, level 2 for me, baby! Whoo! We haven't even started yet!

I might upload the picture and retype the story later. Tiberius Miller, halfling rogue extraordinaire!

Janus tried to set fire to the house, but he ran out of matches before he could get one to light the wood. Maze hasn't left her perch up in the trees. Honestly, I don't know if it's an oak or not, but whatever, right? It's a big fat tree. No, you've seen the trees. They're mostly very skinny. Oh well.

I might take some video later. I'll probably try something this weekend.

Stupid terrorists. And Gaddafi. And the Slender Man. And Proxies. And whoever else. Making my world suck more.

Oh! Yggdrasil is traveling in time. Awesomesauce.

Edit: Oooooooh, the author in me can't WAIT for the equinox.


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Frap/Joce said...

Glad you're looking forward to it. Every Single Day. ~Frap

Shelby said...

Awesome in a handbag. Woo. Wow, experince for extras. LUCKY. >.> I'll let my 7'4 Dragonborn play with Miller. Maybe my 3'2 halfling will as well. Ya never know.

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