Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter Eight: This? Fitness? Stalemate.

There were only two of them there. Not five, as the boy first thought, but two, one now leaning against a thin sapling and the other in the branches of the tallest oak. They didn't do anything, the two, they just stood there, and watched.

I've decided to call them Janus and Maze, because one of them has a double-faced mask and the other one has a hood that covers her face. And it's red. And...Red Riding Hood's real name is said by some to be Maisie. And they seem not to like real names.

The hood actually seems to be just the hood of her hoodie, but it pulls allllll the way over her head. Janus is wearing an aqua hoodie, with big Operators all over it, and Maze just the red one, which comes down over her face and has exactly five Ops, two on either side of her head, one on the small of her back, one at the center of her chest, and one over her navel. Also, I still haven't seen the Slender Man himself.

How old must Arclich be? 21? Let's seeeee, most popular baby names of 1980 are...
Jessica, Jennifer, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah, Stephanie, Melissa, Nicole, Elizabeth, Heather, Tiffany, Michelle, Amber, Megan, Amy, Rachel, Kimberly, Christina, Lauren, Crystal, Brittany, Rebecca, Laura, Danielle, Emily, Samantha, Angela, Ellen, Kelly, Sara, Lisa, Katherine, Andrea, Jamie, Mary, Erica, Courtney, Kristen, Shannon, April, and that's forty so I'm just going to stop there.

I don't have access to the camera right now, so no video today, but I don't think there's anything all that creepy anyway out there. Besides, you know, my stalkers. They do SUCH a great job of hiding whenever anyone comes around, though.

Anyway. That's all for today. I think.


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