Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter Eleven, Page Two

Okay, so I'm listening to some music and then I click on some video, you know, a YouTube partner who does news and stuff, and they say something and suddenly the audio goes all freeeeaky and repeats over and over and over and over, in these weird distorted voices. It's too dark to see outside. Crud fuzz. I just wanted to mention it.

It's a bit lighter up in the sky, Maze is outline in the branches, but I can't see Janus.

NO. WAIT. OH MY GODS. OK, YES I CAN, HE JUST SLAMMED INTO THE GLASS DOOR. HOLY MOTHER OF CHEETOS. Why is his mask not falling off? He's just staring at me! What the dys!

I don't know how Frap is doing, but Arclich seems optimistic. "Or what if we can change it all". And a name? "Astrid Baldrdot". Baldr is a Norse god. And dot? Uh...RESEARCH TIME! Dun dun dun dada dun dada dun dun dun...Proxies seem to like number codes, but nobody thinks of just regular word ciphers. If you translate the binary and then put it into a Caesarian cipher and divide by five, then shift it back by five, you get the original text. It's called an Affine cipher. Yay for Google.

Ok, "dot" could refer to dóttir, the Old Norse word for daughter. That would make sense. Meaning, "Little Star, Daughter of Baldr/Baldur/Balder".

And...that's that.

Ooh! Edit: The title is also Affine, it translates to "Flag".


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