Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chapter Seven: Damp Fire-Sharks

I'm glad Frap's okay, he thought, but I hate having to hide his markings on the trees!
The boy looked up from his work. He noticed for the first time a letter in the crook of the door. Frap?


Sorry. Been reading looooolcats. And watching Concrete Giraffes. Over. And. OVER.

First of all, Frap, yes, I can give you a few names of Joce's cohorts...the book Joce's...I had to start over a bunch of times, because my head was full of ideas with nowhere to go. Eve. Piper. I don't remember any other ones, actually. No, wait! Olivia. Does that ring any bells, Arclich?

Second order of business, PROXIES! THEY BE ALL UP IN HERE!

They're everywhere! They followed me home from school today. I don't even know how, I don't walk. They were in a van. And now, they're here! Outside. I know they're Proxies because they don't speak and they're wearing hoodies and oh yeah they are wearing masks and look dangerous. Okay, scare tactics. A bow. No, all I've got is suction cup arrows. Crossbow? Yeah, I've got one too, but it's out in the garage and probably doesn't work. Woodcutting axe? No idea where it is. SWORD! I have a replica Master Sword under my bunk bed. I'll be back in a minute.


I can't stop them! Nobody's home who could help. Ok, I'm going to try to deal with them...it's getting dark! How am I supposed to swordfight in the dark? I never took fencing lessons...

Never mind, I didn't need to, they ran as soon as I started swinging like a madman. It's a pretty dull sword, though I'm sure if I swung hard enough it could decapitate you. OK, who deals with this every day? Branwen! Right? How do you make them go away?

Well, now I've gotta hide this blunt blade too...I'm keeping it close from now on.

Heehee, "Frap" is only one letter away from "frape".

Well, good thing I'm young and agile, I don't think anyone that lives in this house could deal with it besides me. "Ooh, trespassers, let's call the cops BLARHGAHSFURJGKLS *drowns in a fountain of bullets*".

They didn't have guns. They looked unarmed. They DID have masks, of COURSE. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS?

I've got like six school projects! I do NOT need death threats.

What...the dys?!

Well. My day is ruined. My train of thought too. Good thing I didn't have to hurt anyone, though. I don't like it. It makes me feel...sick. Unless they deserve it.

Hey, anyone notice that the X-Men have Operator symbols on all their clothing? Including, probably, their hoodies?


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Shelby said...

And, on a serious note, when I get there, you're learning to fence.

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