Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter Thirty-Five: Harmed Horsey

Hush, little Jocey, don't say a word
Janus gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
Then, its little neck, well, Janus will wring
And if that mockingbird don't die
Janus gonna bake it into a pie
And if that pie don't taste so good
Janus gonna buy you a coat with hood
And if that hood gets pulled back down
Janus gonna bring you to Happytown
And if the mayor can't help you
Janus gonna give you to He You Rue
And if He can't quite turn you yet
You'll all get caught up in our net
So hush, little Jocey, don't you cry
'Cause He will love you, and so will I

4 reviews:

Alyx said...

Uhhhhhhh..... Janus, what the hell?! Godsdammit.

Frap said...

We can't get to him fast, something's blocking all the Ways in. Motorcycle time.

Branwen said...

Janus you freak. Leave him alone.

~ Casey

Frap said...

Motorcycle stops working completely at the entrance to the community, and something's blocking foot travel into the property itself. I don't think his parents are home, either. Can't see shit from outside all these trees.

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