Friday, March 25, 2011

Chapter Thirty-Four: Five Dry'd Nuns

DnD was FUN.

A few quotes - remember, the names have been changed to protect the innocent (entirely accurate in this case):

(A little before we met)
"So, do you have food?" -DM
"Yeah, 7 days' rations." -Me
"No, real food. I don't have any at my apartment." -DM

"Uh...11." -Fighter
"You swing, but miss. Your sword lands in the ground with a thunk, between two big rocks." -DM
"Wait - so, he's got a big sword sticking out of two rocks?" -Me
"..." -DM
"Lose 10 xp." -DM

"I hear flute." -Fighter (OOC)
"Don't worry guys, I'm using ghost sound." -Sorcerer (illusionist who spent the whole session half-dead)
"Ha! 15 extra xp!" -DM

"I cast Light on the Rod of Wonder." -Sorcerer
"You wave it over the bottom of the lake, and see a huge, ruined city." -DM
"Finally, I found Atlantis. It's all okay." -Sorcerer

Now, let's see. Is there something from Frap? YES. Let's get on that.


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