Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter Thirty-One: Hellish, Wot?

Well, shit.

Obviously I'm fucked now.

Not that anyone cares any more.

There was an index card. I might post a picture later.

...No doubt I'm being written off as a fake now, anyway.

Oh, and Zerosage is back.

Well, shit.


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Anonymous (The Magus) said...

Yeah, be careful. Those people on the list might get seriously fucking angry. :/ Best of luck to you Joce.

Joce said...

MIGHT get angry? They're angry. You get it? Even Zero is pissed at Frap. He's fucked. I'm fucked. Everyone's fucked. I'm going to cry now.

Invocation of Id said...

I would be laughing a lot more now (because I'm a fan of watching shit storms unravel), but it's unfortunate that you sort of got caught up in this Joce.

Lay low for a bit, maybe? Internet anger can be SERIOUS BUSINESS, but don't let it get over you too much. Let them stick to their circle and you stick to yours, whether theirs is a game or not.

Joce said...

Yeah...yeah. Thanks, Snore.

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