Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chapter Thirty-Three: I.N.N. Faded Slyly

DnD tomorrow, FINALLY.

And thanks, Frap, I got the cylinder.


I'm really bored.

Janus is missing again. Remember those pictures I took of him? My dad asked me why I was acting all weird, so I showed them to him, and he thinks they're of me.


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Hellfire said...

You didn't think. Just like the others. And now things are about to heat UP.

Joce said...

Is that supposed to be some kind of lame pun? And may I ask which others didn't think about what?

...Your new mindset scares me a little.

Branwen said...

He's referring to us being impulsive, which I do causing problems.

Which in this case, I'm assuming he's talking about Brennon and Aiden. And me. Probably.

I think we all agree that he's friggin' creepy now...

~ Branwen

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