Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chapter Thirty-Two: Thistle Thong

I lost the metal cylinder. Is that bad? I know you guys aren't responding when I yell out the window, so I'm asking here.

In bio, we made fake babies. Like, flipped coins to determine alleles and stuff. Out of a fit of ironic confusion (that's not what irony means...) I named my group's little girl Amelia Slenderman.

Just thought I'd share.

Note: Obviously, the same two people have stopped following me as they have Frap. Anyone want to reveal themselves?

Note 2: More Paranormal Poetry! Entitled...Trudge.

Under a bridge I live and shout
Huge as I am I'm short and stout
No, I'm not a teapot, I'll smash yours, though
One, two, three goats, into my stomach you'll go


4 reviews:

Maze said...

No, it's not particularly bad. You'll get it back.

Branwen said...

Sounds like you're making adjustments to it, Maze?

~ Branwen

Maze said...

Actually, no. It's perfectly finished. The project will not need adjustments at any point in the future barring superpotent quasi-normal phenomena. It just can't get lost. It always comes back.

Branwen said...

Oh. Well then.

That's interesting.

~ Branwen

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